Lexington KY | Horse Capital of the US

There are plenty of reasons why Lexington Kentucky is the horse capital of not only in the United States, but the whole world; though some people argue this due to the number of horses in Lexington being fewer compared to the numbers in Texas. On the other hand, numbers of animals have nothing to do with the title stated by the US Patent and Trademark office. If it is not the number, then what all entails the required criteria to base such award? What are the reasons to award the horse capitol of the US, to Lexington KY?

Horse Capitol horses grazing.

Horses grazing in a pasture on a farm in Kentucky.

• The Horse’s International Museum is located in Lexington, KY. One of the reasons why Lexington, Kentucky got the title is its historical rights. The museum has millions of stories to tell about notable horses in history. There are collections for educational purposes showing the connection of horses to various human cultures throughout time.
• The city’s library stores valuables from various racing events as well as photos, newspapers featuring horses in Lexington and other historical events.
• The US Equestrian Federation is built in Lexington, Kentucky which only means that authorities are making sure that the horses are properly treated.
• The very first World Equestrian Games in the US were held in Lexington. In 2010, the World Equestrian Games were record breaking. There are approximately five hundred thousand people who attended the event. Over 20 teams were present to compete, and 50 countries supported the event.
• The place is surely the horse capital of the world because of the spectacular and breathtaking race course that is located in the heart of the city. The Keeneland Race Course hosts much live horse racing during spring.
• There are more than a thousand of horses in the Thoroughbred Center where training are done. The place produces racing champions and part of the training it to guide them how to behave in a horse race.
• Most legendary horses came from Lexington, just like Man O‘War. There are plenty of champions too during Kentucky Derby and other local competitions.
• The horse capital of the US, Lexington KY runs business too because horse purchases are in demand. Keeneland has its annual horse sales where thousands of people are buying one.
• Since there are thousands of horses in the city, expect that there are many veterinarians who have established their clinics in the city. Moreover, these vet doctors are not good, but they are experts in dealing various horses conditions.
• The city is not only a place for a tour, but it provides the best horse accommodation. All farms are fields with green grass which nourished by the water that has a high concentration of minerals. The very reason why horses are stronger and leaner which every tourist are fascinated.
• Lexington has all the best and high-end horse care amenities. All facilities are high standard and world class to make sure that every event like horse racing will be safe and sound for the horses.

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