Factors That Affect How Fast A Tattoo Can Be Removed

//Factors That Affect How Fast A Tattoo Can Be Removed

Factors That Affect How Fast A Tattoo Can Be Removed

Factors That Affect How Fast A Tattoo Can Be Removed And What You Can Do To Help


Increasing the melanin content of the skin causes absorption of laser light and energy that can otherwise be treating ink. Tanning beds or sun exposure causes darkening of the skin by stimulating the melanocytes to produce melanin. It is always dangerous to expose recently laser treated skin to sunlight for a week as this will potentially increase the thermal injury to the skin resulting in blisters. However, one should protect the skin over the tattoo throughout the course of treatment to keep the skin from tanning. You can help by covering or using a high degree of sunblock to the tattoo treatment area after the first week of treatment passes. During the first week after your treatment, the area should always be covered. Laser Tattoo Removal requires commitment, and tattoo removal care throughout the entire process.


It might sound unrelated, but smoking is one of the key factors that can slow down the treatment process. The tobacco toxins found in cigarettes constrict the blood vessels and reduce blood circulation. During tattoo removal treatments, the emitted laser light and heat energy will break down the ink into smaller pieces allowing the immune system fighting cells to remove these ink particles from the body. Anything that reduces the ability of these cells to come and go as they remove tattoo ink will slow the process down. You can help by reduction or cessation of smoking as part of your tattoo removal care plan.

Body Habits and General Health

As body weight increases there is a general reduction in the speed of tattoo removal. Blood circulation plays a role here. As weight increases, the body’s overall metabolic function worsens. Glucose resistance becomes more of a problem potentially leading to diabetes. This worsens circulation. Also as one’s general health declines, skin blood flow may worsen and skin integrity may decline. This may require a prolonged (but safer) treatment plan. You can help by controlling calorie intake and remaining active. A healthy lifestyle play a big role in tattoo removal care, and improves treatment outcomes and speeds the treatment process.

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