Visting Kentucky? Stop into one of our favorite restaurants while you are here.

When a person travels, some prepared a list of areas to go to, and others just turn everything into an adventure. For individuals who are planning to visit the second largest city in Kentucky, you might need to prepare a list of restaurants in Lexington KY to satisfy not only your eyes but also your taste buds. Most travel websites feature not only hotels and sceneries but best restaurants too. Food is like the icing on the cake for travelers, so to help you in enjoying your stay in Lexington checks out these restaurants that offer exquisite tummy fillers.

Don’t let getting your tatts removed stop you from enjoying our local food.

1. Grub the most favorite food in the world-Pizza. Light up your day with a bite of your favorite pizza with various authentic flavors in Pies and Pints. The restaurant is in the heart of Lexington, which is very accessible to everyone who loves to get a kick of their venerated pizza. They have house pies where you can get to choose the toppings that you like to add, and they have specialty pies that include classic, Margherita, pesto and more. Moreover, when you like to end your with a bottle of beer for relaxation, this is the best place for you. They have a variety of beers and wine to choose from depends on your liking.
2. Have a bite of the world’s best beef. Are you feeling a little carnivorous? Not a problem because Malone’s Steakhouse will deliver only the freshest and most tender steak. The restaurant offers lunch and dinner for the whole family including kids. They have a variance of the menu that even your kids will enjoy. For picnics in the park, you can order your meal ahead via text to go option and just pick up your food on the way.
3. Explore the Japanese cuisine. Trying something new is part of the journey in traveling. In Asuka Japanese Grill and Sushi, the restaurant will bring you to Japan through their food’s bursting aroma. From their Yakisoba Noodle to tempura and sushi, you will experience the culture of Japan first hand. For individuals who loves seafood, this is the perfect place to enjoy crabs, squids, shrimps and tunas cooked with different spices. The restaurant offers specials that are so budget friendly.
4. Grab your sombrero and get loco with the taco. Restaurants in Lexington, KY offers many Mexican delicacies to satisfy your cravings with spices, and El Rancho Tapatio is one of them. The restaurant is family owned, and their meal is made from fresh ingredients plus very affordable. Try their various Mexican delicacies with the signature taste of burritos, tacos, and fajitas.
5. Get a meal from heaven. Who would have thought that when it comes to food, Lexington offers a variation from all over the world just like the food that you can get from Athenian Grill? Just like the Greeks, you will get to experience the authenticity of Gyros, Grilled Meat, Feta and more.
One will never get lost in Lexington, Kentucky especially when you use your nose. You will always be lead to delicious foods through its aroma.

If you prefer craft brew options? then we’ve got you covered with multiple craft breweries in town that can help you quench that thirst for a great beer.

We hope your stay in Lexington Kentucky is one that you’ll remember forever. We’re here to help remove your tattoos, but wanted to make sure that your visit is worthwhile and memorable.